A Wellness Program For Years 8-12
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Inspiring Our Youth to Create Happy,
Healthy Lives One Breath at a Time

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About In School Yoga's Wellness Program

In School Yoga's Wellness Program is a 9 week program specifically designed for years 8-12. We are focused on bringing health and well-being into our school system here in Western Australia - giving these valuable tools to as many students as possible.

Program outline:

Meditation Meditation
Yoga Yoga
Breathing Breathing techniques to help them feel calm and focused
Stretching Stretching and strengthening the body
Mindfulness Mindfulness practices
Kindness Discussions around kindness, gratitude and optimism
Identity Identity and purpose
Journaling Journaling and reflective discussion

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In School Yoga gives youth tools for success in learning and in life!

Why In School Yoga?

Anxiety and stress are becoming so common in students and in school yoga programs are teaching them to cope and giving them strategies to get past the anxiety. In School Yoga's mission is to provide teenagers with practical tools they can use in their everyday life, helping them to manage stress, combat emotional situations, and maintain a general sense of balance and wellbeing.

Other benefits include:

Increased concentration and focus
Increased vitality and energy levels
Increased consciousness
Balance of hormones
Reduced stress levels
Flexibility and strength physically
Flexibility and strength mentally
Improved digestion
Improved co-ordination
Increased circulation promoting oxygenated blood flow to body and brain
Stronger sense of self


Equilibrium and Academic Performance
(Article source: Trish David - Yoga teacher, councillor & educator)

In a twelve month study of over 400 primary school and middle school students, Slovacek, Tucker & Pantojo (2003) found that as a consequence of participation in a yoga curriculum for one hour per week, 'bad' behaviour, as measured by discipline referrals, decreased. Research suggests yoga helps decrease stress levels, build positive emotional experience and improve academic performance in school children (Aftanas & Golocheikine, 2001; Kauts & Sharma, 2009).
High School Yoga Class

References / Further Reading

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Kauts, A., Sharma, N. (2009). Effect of Yoga on acedemic performance in relation to stress. International Journal of Yoga, 2:1, 39-43.

Slovacek, S., Tucker, S., Pantoja, B. (2003). A study of the Yoga Ed Program at the Accelerated School.


In addition to our 9 week Wellness Program, we also offer the following yoga, meditation, and mindfulness workshops for both students and teachers. These workshops give you a taste of what our Wellness Program offers.

Teachers Workshops

On Development Days, we come to you to indulge you in an hour of meditative yoga practice. A well-deserved re-boot for your hard working teachers and a great way to educate them on mindfulness practices which they can use in their daily lives as well as in the classroom.

Camps & Workshops

Our Wellness Program is designed to achieve results. However, a camp experience or workshop is a fun, positive and great way to educate students and teachers about mindfulness.

Plant the Seed Workshops

A visit to your primary school introducing yoga, mindfulness and meditation through creative play!

Meet Our Teachers

Courtney - In School Yoga Teacher Perth


Our founder, head teacher and director, Courtney Hahipene, has been teaching and working with teenagers since she was one herself. Her combined teaching history of yoga and dance goes beyond 16 years experience. After achieving success as a top 20 contestant on Australia's "So You Think You Can Dance", opportunities opened up for her to work not only as a performer and a teacher but as a role model for youth all over Australia.

Courtney's character is warm, compassionate, inspiring and effervescent. She lifts the spirit of all those around her.

Courtney is a registered teacher with Yoga Australia.

Kendall In School Yoga Teacher Perth


Kendall Walter has a natural affinity with kids and teenagers. Her warm, compassionate nature always presents itself in her classes, leaving students feeling cared for and supported. A qualified Counsellor, and moving on to study Psychology, Kendall brings knowledge and a passion to the table when it comes to supporting our youth and young lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Kendall's journey through Yoga and Meditation has given her more empathy towards herself and others.

Embracing who you are helps to embrace everyone and everything around you.

Lamb In School Yoga Teacher Perth


Nicole 'Lamb' is an activist devoted to positive change. Her passion for yoga is inspiring and In School Yoga is grateful for the constant love and energy she brings to Perth and its youth.

Lamb is an internationally recognised Ashtanga Yoga instructor having completed 500 hours TTC in Rishikesh, India in 2015. She is Yoga Alliance Accredited under the guidance of Yogi Kamal Singh & Sunil Sharma at Tattvaa Yogashala.

It is my purpose in this lifetime to share my passion for movement. To shed light in situations where darkness smothers. To love and serve all beings equally.


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